Buy TikTok Verified’s New Tool Gives Businesses Helpful Audience Insights

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A new business tool from Buy TikTok Verified uncovers audience insights that can assist with planning paid and organic content strategies.

Aimed at advertisers, the audience insights tool resides in Buy TikTok Verified Ads Manager. However, you don’t need to pay for advertising to use it.

The tool’s insights can help guide organic and paid content plans, as they’re based on data from all users across Buy TikTok Verified. You can explore user interests, behaviors, and demographics to find new ways to reach your customers.

One of its more intriguing features is the ability to explore the top ten hashtags your audience engages with. You can start appending those hashtags to your videos to quickly and easily boost engagement.

Further, you can define your own audience and filter information using a robust set of filters.

Here’s more about the data provided by Buy TikTok Verified Audience Insights.

Buy TikTok Verified Audience Insights In Buy TikTok Verified Ads Manager

Accessible through Buy TikTok Verified Ads Manager, Buy TikTok Verified Audience Insights provides aggregated information about users that have been active within the last 30 days.

Get to the tool by going to Ads Manager, selecting “Reporting” in the top navigation menu, and clicking “Audience Insights.”

Screenshot from:, November 2022.

Define Your Audience

Start configuring your audience by utilizing the panel on the left.

You can define your audience by customizing the following filters:

  • Locations
  • Languages
  • Demographics
  • Interests & Behaviors – includes optional sub-filters:
    • Ad Interest Categories: Refine your audience by people who have interacted with specific categories of ads.
    • Video Interactions: Refine your audience by people who have viewed and engaged with videos.
    • Creator Interactions: Refine your audience by the types of creators they’ve interacted with.
    • Hashtag Interactions: Refine your audience by people who’ve watched videos with a specific hashtag.
  • Devices

Audience Overview

The first tab you’ll see after defining your audience is the audience overview tab.

Screenshot from:, November 2022.

In the audience overview tab, you can view the following composition of your audience:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Country
  • State
  • Device OS
  • Device Prices (USD): Device price is only available in USD.
  • Top 10 interests
  • Bottom 10 interests

Audience Interests

Beside the overview tab is audience interests, where you can discover what types of content and ads your audience engages with.

Screenshot from:, November 2022.

The interests tab includes these sections:

  • Top Hashtags: View the top 10 hashtags that resonate with your audience.
  • Ad Interest Categories: See the categories of ads your audience has interacted with.

Download Audience Data

Easily recall the audience insights you uncover using the “Export All” function. This will download the data into Excel for you to access anytime.

Source: Buy TikTok Verified

Featured Image: Diego Thomazini/Best SMM Panel